About us

We source investments in the highest GHG emission sectors for return and impact

Sources of GHGs shown: Electricity Production (25%), Food, Agriculture, Land Use (24%), Industrials (21%), Transportation (14%), Real Estate (6%), Other Energy-Related Emissions (10%).

We invest globally in companies of the highest climate impact sectors

Total Addressable Markets:










Real Estate
Sources: Energy- as of 2021, Precedence Research; Agriculture- as of 2022, Precedence Research; Industrials- as of 2022, Fortune Business Insights; Transportation- as of 2020, Statistica; Real Estate- as of 2021, Grand View Research.

Our taxonomy screens investments with a goal of ensuring impact for a Low Carbon Economy

Energy, Agriculture, Industrials, Transportation, Real Estate plus Cross-Cutting Thematic Areas of GHG Reduction, Circular Economy, Water

Our technology facilitates investment and provides risk assessment

Pana Network Tool™

Matches company business line and supply chain needs with the most relevant technologies (software and hardware) to accelerate GHG identification, verification, monitoring, and monetization

Pana Risk Score™

Provides custom risk-return analysis across:
                   • Technical Risk
                   • Execution Risk
                   • Commodity Risk
                   • Regulatory Risk
                   • Funding Risk


Data-enabled climate-tech software for GHG monitoring, verification, and trading